I specialize in redrafting, reinvigorating and restoring logos enhancing clarity, beauty and legibility.

In addition to updating existing brands, I love collaborating with designers, agencies, and in-house teams to create new logos or consult on logo development.

We are a dream team if…

  • You view design as something that sets you apart in the competitive industry and allows you to show up as the best version of yourself.
  • Talking about your business lights you up and you want to bring a positive change in your customers life.
  • You know who your ideal customers are.
  • You want a distinct brand identity, not a plane nice designs fainting in the crowd.

“If you had 
a fast-forward button 
you would already have your ideal brand 
like today”

The packages are designed for businesses in different stages of growth.
If you are ready for a step forward take a peek below and book a free consultation :)



Sometimes all you need to get started with your new business is a logo.

I strategically design your logo so that it will allow other design elements to be seamlessly incorporated into the brand as it grows and flourishes.


  • 1 Primary Logo
  • 1 Secondary Logo/Mark
  • Color Palette
  • Mini Style Guide



For businesses who need a lot of flexibility in choosing their brand elements.

Many clients who sign into this package proceed adding specific à la carte services instead of buying the entire Premiere package


  • 1 Primary Logo
  • 1 Secondary Logo/Mark
  • Color Palette
  • Font System
  • 1 Collateral Item
  • Style Guide



We walk through each check point in your customers journey and come up with a strategy to create a truly consistent and a memorable experience.

This allows your brand to grow beautifully with time without any further interruption from the design end.


  • 1 Primary Logo
  • 2-3 Seconary Logo/Marks
  • Color Palette
  • Font System
  • 1 Pattern/Illustration
  • 3 Collateral Items
  • Full Brand Style Guide


à la carte

You can add various collateral pieces to your package or assemble them as a distinct project.
Examples include: web-design, business cards, packaging design, business stationery, etc

Let’s explore how I can help you!

Here’s how we work together

Before I start designing for the project we spend time understanding your business – the ethos, the story, the customers.

A moodpboard will help us visualise ideas and references.

This information lays the groundwork for the brand visual direction and guides us in every element and decisions we make throughout the process.

Once the visual direction is approved, I move onto thoughtfully consider each piece of design.

I think, sketch, draft, color and synthesise our solution.

Each visual element is developed with care and attention to create a distinct and detailed brand identity that speaks clearly and nicely as your business grows and flourishes.

Finally we wrap it all up with a visual branding guide pdf that gives you all the necessary information and tools to help you maintain a consistent brand Identity throughout the many application that your project will need and well beyond your project.

Ready to start?

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