Pastabodoni – Manuale Pastagrafico

Lasagna shaped letterpress art book exploring the concept of linguistic pastiche.A project to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Bodoni’s death.

Laura Veronesi (Lino’s & CO. Verona, Italy) & John Christopher (Flowers and Fleurons, Brighton UK) engaged in a collaborative project 1000 miles away to bring together a limited edition letterpress concertina with original wood Bodoni and wood Poster Bodoni.John and Laura met in Milan during the second edition of  “Letterpress Workers” and quickly realised they share the same passion for letters as object and tool for design: their collaboration torn out into an essential

compendium of cunning word games and typographic illustration. 
Pastabodoni is a Limited Edition letterpress art book, hand set and  slowly printed to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Bodoni’s death. The pocket size concertina, formerly referred as “Manuale Pastagrafico” mixes typographic tradition and experimental approach, type terminology and food vocabulary, phonemes and graphemes, metal and wood, Italian and English in a whimsical linguistic pastiche.

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